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The Merchant and the Clergyman (Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon)

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The Merchant and the Clergyman - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon

I loved this -- definitely another winner from the pen of Dee & Devon for me. The sexual tension between James and Declan was through the roof!

And guess what? As someone who doesn't particularly give emphasis on reading sex scenes on her romance books, I thought the scenes were lovely to read. It had dominant/submissive nature to it but not to the point of humiliation or pain. In fact, I thought it was sensual, sexy, warm, and tender at the same time. James was SUCH a darling and Declan just wanted to make his curate happy and fully content while experiencing restraints and given orders. It made my skin all tingly while reading it ^^.

The ending felt a little bit too extended for me; the one-year jump didn't help. Like the authors didn't really know at one point they needed to end the story in happily manner due to the situation that both men were facing (but it DID end happily, so no worries). But in overall, I was satisfied ... Dee & Devon seems to be just a guarantee whenever I want to be immersed in good MM historical romance *smile*

~~ might add more thoughts here in and there later ~~