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So, my bad...

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The Wrecking Faerie: A Charm School Novella, The Witching Hour Collection - Elizabeth Watasin

"One minor quibble: 


Location 29: "...behind our ken..."


Location 213: "...beyond our ken...""


Yes, I PMed the author to let her know this was floating around, which I don't do often.  I've spoken to this author on BL before, and this meant so much to me, I had to say something.   That being said, she pointed out that she meant behind our ken. 


It was a snobbery thing that went right over my head, even after rereading that paragraph a couple times.   


I know some people will say there are no lousy readers, and yes, a perfect reading experience would make everything clear on both sides.   I'm not going to quibble over if it was me being a lousy reader, or that it wasn't clear enough: I pointed it out as a typo.   It was not, and I'm not above admitting I was wrong.   I was.   I pointed it out as something that should be corrected when it was already correct.


Apologies all around.